Midwifery Services 

Pregnancy and Midwife delivery

At Birthing Spirit, we see pregnancy and birth as the rite of passage that brings new beings and new parents into the world. We see it as a sacred time that deserves respectful, knowledgable, compassionate care regardless of outcome as all births are the entry way for new life. 

As such, our role in your birth is to assist in the safe and beautiful passage through this entry way through compassionate, non-judgmental, respectful and informed care. We love and adore families of all walks of life and are passionate about this type of care given to every person. We support this process from the first plans to conceive, all the way through to the early care of the newborn. This includes pre-conception, conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum including newborn care.

Our care is integrative and holistic which means we practice a whole person/whole family style of preventative care with our treatments focused mainly on non-allopathic (homeopathy, nutrition, herbal, counseling, supplementation, etc…) However, when circumstances arise where standard medical treatment is necessary, we do not hesitate to utilize medical interventions appropriately and with your safety in mind. Our supportive, knowledgeable and compassionate care never changes regardless of circumstance. 

Our Midwifery Services Include: 

Holistic Prenatal Care
Your prenatal care can begin the moment you find out you are pregnant for the entirety of your pregnancy. Although we offer holistic care, we also offer complete prenatal care, which means you can do all your scheduled lab work and most standard tests with us, if you choose to. We do not offer ultrasounds in our office, but collaborate with a variety of doctors and specialists to provide you with the complete spectrum of pregnancy care that you will need. 

Out of Hospital Birth
Our main focus is primarily offering home birth and truly find that many laboring families are the most when they labor and birth  in their own environment. It is a common misperception that birthing in a birth center is medically “in between” home birth and hospital. A midwife brings the same medical equipment with her to your home that she would have in a birth center. The advantage of a birth center is merely preference. That being said, if you are truly desiring a birth center birth, we collaborate with local birth centers to provide you with the type of birth you desire.

Water Birth
We offer and specialize in water birth (for those who desire it). Water birth is a part of our services and as such, we bring the tub, set it up and tear it down when your birth is through. You provide the space and the supplies necessary for your home and we will bring the rest. 

PostPartum and Newborn Care
Our holistic intimate model of care and support continues after birth with quality postpartum support for the whole family. Our standard is to provide two home visits within the first week of your newborn’s life, two follow up office visits within the first 6 – 8 weeks that includes new family support, breastfeeding support, natural family planning and a pap smear if appropriate. Since our care is intimate, we have found that many clients do not feel “done” with their care after the 6-8 week visit, so we offer a “tea visit” that the client can host in their home scheduled anytime in the first two years of your child’s life. 

Placenta Encapsulation
Placenta Encapsulation is a wonderful option for an optimal and healthy postpartum experience. Chinese Medicine has long used placenta as a life force strengthener. Many new mothers find that they are depleted and going through major hormonal shifts just after having a baby. The benefits of using placenta pills can include less incidence of postpartum depression, increased energy, hormone balancing and an increase in milk supply. We also are able to provide placenta tinctures and other placental remedies for those who desire.

Monitrice and/or Doula Services
A Monitrice is the word used when a doula is also a medically licensed person (she could be a nurse or a midwife). We offer this service for families birthing in the hospital as we believe that families deserve information and support regardless of where they are birthing. A Monitrice is able to provide medical advice, can check for baby's position (also known as palpation) as well as provide suggestions for optimal positioning, and home cervical dilation checks (to ensure you do not arrive at your birth place earlier than planned). In addition, since a Monitrice is medically licensed, she brings with her an expertise in normal pregnancy, birth and postpartum. This includes an in depth knowledge in natural treatments for common pregnancy ailments, labor encouragement and postpartum healing. In the hospital environment, your Monitrice is able to provide expert emotional, physical and informational support to support your birth desires. A Monitrice is a wonderful option for any family who desires a natural informed birth in the hospital setting. 

Well Woman Annual Visits
We not only offer pregnancy and birth services, but also offer annual pap smears and lab work specific to female health. These services, as with our other services, are a compassionate holistic alternative to your standard obstetrical care. 

Family Planning and Pre-conception
We offer holistic pre-conception services designed to assist you being in optimal health prior to the start of your pregnancy. We also teach and assist you practicing the Natural Family Planning Method for both prevention and conception of pregnancy. 

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Additionally we are located in the beautiful Lotus East West Medical Center offering other holistic care.