Heather’s quiet and peaceful demeanor was integral for me to focus on my son’s birth. I’m a person who needs control and authority over my body (the main reason we evaded a hospital set birth) and Heather facilitated this need through her noninvasive technique, minimal checks and adaptable care. I was fortunate to have only labored for 6.5 hours but I truly believe that this is because I never felt the need to hold back, fight or bargain with my birth team or my birth setting. I plan to call on Heather for all our future babies!
— Corinne N.
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Heather made me feel like I was home inside the hospital. Her calm, strong and spiritual energy helped me find the deepest strength inside myself I never knew I had.
— Michelle R.
Heather’s presence as my midwife was the most amazing gift and comfort I had during my pregnancy outside of my own baby. Working with her was the best experience I could have ever asked for. She knew what I needed before I knew and was quick to guide me through each turn. I hope if my son has siblings in the future she is available to join us on that journey as well.”
— Cristina M.
Having you as a midwife truly changed my entire pregnancy and birth experience. I came to you scared and untrusting, after having a horrific hospital-birth experience with my first child, and you made me feel safe and empowered. You were so incredibly warm and kind and understanding at every visit. You showed me compassion, love and respect, and I needed that badly.
The day that my son was born was magical. When I look back on that day, I felt surprisingly calm and ready to have the birthing experience that I always wanted. After my son was born, my family and I laid on the bed together and I will always cherish those quiet, peaceful moments that we were able to bond. One of the biggest healing moments for me was actually getting to put my son in his car seat and take him home, because I didn’t get that experience with my daughter.
After we were all home and settled in, I was truly grateful and relieved that your care didn’t end after my son was born. You continued to support me and be there for me whenever I needed you. You helped me overcome my breastfeeding challenges and you cheered me on and praised me even when I was exhausted and give up. I’m so appreciative of your unwavering support and encouragement, because I so badly wanted to breastfeed my daughter, but I wasn’t allowed the opportunity. I am happy to say that I am still breastfeeding my son 4+ months later and I am enjoying every minute of it.
Heather, having you as my midwife changed my life, because it allowed me to heal parts of my past that I wasn’t sure I could heal and I would choose you and this experience every single time, again and again and again. If I ever choose to have another child, I hope that you will still be practicing midwifery and that you will bless my family and I with your exceptional services again, because what you gave to us was truly priceless.
Thank you so much...for everything.
— With love, Shay, Cody, Riley and baby Hendrix

Heather and I met at the bedside of my sister’s hospital birth. She was wearing her doula hat and held such space for my sister’s wishes. A few months later I transferred into midwifery care with her as I transitioned from a hospital to a home birth plan. She taught me to recognize signs in my body and listened lovingly to my concerns. When the day finally came for my baby to arrive, Heather respectfully guided my partner and I in the delivery of our baby at our humble home.
In postpartum, Heather’s visits nurtured my mother instinct, encouraged our family bond, and reminded me of the importance of self-care. She also encapsulated my placenta which I found extremely beneficial to my mood, lactation, and recovery. I’m so glad to have had Heather as our midwife.
— Cora I.